Interview with a student of Joyce Junior Academy

Who are you? Tell us something about you!

“I: My name is Ibrahim. I am 11 years old. I go to school here. Joyce is my teacher.

(Note: Joyce Ziambo, in the background of the picture)

” Since when are you going to school here and what did you do before?”

I: I’m going to school since two years. Before that, I worked. (Hesitates) I picked up things from the street and tried to sell them.

(He falls silent and gets slightly gloomy expression. Joyce puts her hand on his shoulder, smiles reassuringly at him)

“Ibrahim, what have you already learned?”

I: Reading. Writing. Calculating. Something like that.

“Do you have a wish for the future?”

I: I want to continue going to school and later I want to have a proper job. I want to earn lots of money and live in a stone house. I would also like to help other children in going to school. Maybe I will become a teacher.

Ibrahim has now successfully finished the elementary school and attends the secondary school nearby. He keeps visiting Joyce regularly.

Ibrahim und Lehrerin Joyce (Im Hintergrund des Bildes)