Education for schools in Berlin

Educational work in Germany is an important part of our work. Since the foundation of the association in 2014 we have already worked with more than 1000 students in Berlin.

The interest and curiosity that most of the students show us are a confirmation that our work with the students is important and valuable.

Many students do not understand how the economical as well as the cultural life has developed so various on the different continents. The western picture of Africa comes from news, advertisements from NGOs or safari documentation.

Everyday life and the human being as an individual, who feels more than grief, worry and hunger, are all too quickly forgotten in such representations.

This creates a distorted picture of life on the African continent and at the same time a lot of unsolved questions. “Why is Africa actually so poor?” Is a question that we encountered in almost every lesson.

Students love to hear stories and anecdotes from our trip or from our Kenyan friends. As a result, a country as remote as Kenya suddenly seems to be closer, this distant continent suddenly no longer so sad and cruel, but multifaceted and real.

That’s why we offer schools in Berlin and the surrounding area of ​​Berlin free of charge to design lessons from 1 to 3 lessons on the following topics:

  • Racism (all ages)
  • Kenya – From safari to corruption (all ages)
  • Postcolonialism (from 7th grade)
  • Global economic relations (from 9th grade)
  • Development cooperation – challenges and opportunities (from 9th grade)

Of course, we adapt the content to the respective age.

Even workshop days, which can cover several topics, are possible.

Our methods include informative lectures, role-playing games (especially on racism and the possibility of intervention), business games (global economic contexts), when technically possible videoconferencing with Kenyan partners, vivid materials and group work.

Since we are the political education work in Germany, all offers are free.


If you are interested in this offers, or you know someone who might be, feel free to contact us and we will try to arrange something.