Get Active

There are numerous different ways to support our association.


Naturally, every single donation makes a difference. Donations can be made on a one-time or monthly basis and are forwarded to the Joyce Junior Academy in general, the tuition of an individual child, or for feeding the orphans in Igikori. Every Euro is used where it is needed and every help counts.


In fundraising campaigns by means of street music, face painting, club celebrations or other, we can always use support in the preparation and implementation! Every participation in political educational work is also welcome.

Spread the idea

To tell friends, family and acquaintances about the project, to share Facebook content or to like YouTube videos may not feel like a great support, but it helps a lot! Much of the support of small organizations like ours derives from this kind of informal networking.

Contribute your own ideas

We are profoundly thankful for all contributions to our club celebrations or new ideas for further development.

We can be reached by mail or telephone and are always open to innovative ideas and new opportunities.